Site Features and managing sites FAQ

I already have a site and users. Can a Wikidot Site use external user accounts?

No, not at this moment. We have however some ideas how to implement it through distributed and modular authentication network but do not expect anything soon.

If you want to integrate your new Wikidot Site with your existing project you can easily create a subdomain within your project's domain and let handle it.

Do you force me to display any ads?

Yes, we show advertising to selected visitors of your sites. This helps maintaining free sites and keeping them free for you.

Is there any limit on the size of a Site?

There is only a limit for the file storage, i.e. total space for the file attachments. By default it is 100MB - which is low but should be higher soon.

There is absolutely no limit on number of pages you want to create, number of Site Members or any other factors. We would gladly host your verrrrrrry big Site ;-)

How many Sites can I create?

At the moment any User can create (or administer) up to 5 sites. This limit is much higher for our paying users.

Can I have a backup of my Site please?

Yes, you can make a snapshot of your Site that would contain sources for all the pages you have created. Although this has some limitations it should be a nice thing for these who would like to have their content a bit safer ;-)

Although we do not guarantee that your content is safe on our servers (i.e. take no responsibility for any data loss) we follow a strict backup policy which include redundant disk storage, hot-backup server (synced with the master servers in real-time) and regular backups to servers in a different data center.

How can I fight spam and vandalism?

There are a few ways:

  • limiting permissions - allow only trusted users to modify content
  • setting less restrictive permissions and monitoring changes (also via an RSS feed) and reverting changes
  • blocking vandals from accessing the site

How can I delete a Site?

Yes, you can. There is an option to delete a wiki inside the Site Manager under "Extreme actions". Moreover for every site deletion there is an undo — you can easily restore previously deleted wiki.

Only a person who originally created the wiki (the founder) can delete it.