Universal Escaping

If you want to put arbitrary characters or HTML entities (including Unicode entities) into your text, use @<>@. Inside this sequence, convert each "&" to "&amp;", each "<" to "&lt;" and each ">" to "&gt;".

The escape sequence will decode HTML entities like &lt; including:

  • entities such as &copy; (©)
  • numeric entities like &#252; (ü)
  • Unicode entities like &#8212; () or &auml; (ä)

Live example

HTML entities: @<U umlaut: &#252;>@
@<Hello world @@ !!!!>@
@<Something **not** bold>@
@<[[module ListPages]]>@
@<Copyright sign: &copy;>@
Or, @<@&lt;>@ and @<&gt;@>@

Which gives:

HTML entities: U umlaut: ü
Hello world @@ !!!!
Something **not** bold
[[module ListPages]]
Copyright sign: ©
Or, @< and >@