Layout elements

Tab view

Tab view is a container that creates some clickable tabs that allow to switch between content to show.

NOTE: TabView breaks TOCs, anchor links and back button

  • you can't link to anchor inside of a tab
  • TOC won't link properly to any header inside of a tab
  • if you click a link from within a tab and go back, you will be always shown the first tab

To generate a tabview, i.e. a set of tabs, the following syntax can be used:

[[tab Title of Tab No. 1]]
Content of Tab No. 1.
[[tab Title of Tab No. 2]]
Content of Tab No. 2.
[[tab Title of Tab No. 3]]
Content of Tab No. 3.

This will produce the following tabset:

Content of Tab No. 1.

Tabs will accept any content, but at the moment it is not possible to nest tabviews.

Another example of tabview can be found at our Snippets Wiki at