Creating a new page

You can create a new page in your data form category in three ways:

1) in your browser address bar, enter the category and pagename after the sitename, for example Then press Enter.

2) create a NewPage module button. This method allows you to set the category, parent page, any tags you want when the page is saved and the text of the button. for example:

Enter the name of the band and press the button:
[[module NewPage size="30" category="band" parent="bands" tags="rock" button="Add a new rock band"]]

3) use the NewPage Button at which is an excellent snippet created by James KanjoJames Kanjo. Using our band example, if you use this you will need to change the name of the band when you edit the form from Band to the actual name of the band.

[[include :snippets:newpage-button
|button=Add a new band