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The First Generation Baltimore Wikidot is designed to be a resource portal to support first generation college students in Baltimore. It is a resource portal that a range of community partners (local nonprofits, City schools administrators, local colleges and universities, and scholarship organizations) are joining forces to create, so that our collective knowledge of resources that support first gen students can be better shared with local students. Our goal is to prevent information from being siloed, and ensure knowledge can be shared with the students who need it.

The site will be used to support First Generation Baltimore - a community conversation that will be held on March 27, 2015 to convene all Baltimore stakeholders interested in this issues. It will ideally become an annual event. The goal of the March 27 event is to create a way for Baltimore organizations to better knowledge share information with students, and to provide resources that students can access to receive the support they need to succeed.

Read more about the First Generation Baltimore chairman, Verlando Brown here: