French branch of the SCP Foundation

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Application text: The Fondation SCP is the french branch of an important wiki The SCP Foundation ( and as such, translates articles from that wiki into french, but also creates original content. So far, we have around 1350 translations and around 550 original articles. 240 pages were created since January 1st, 2017. We also have strong connexion with others SCP communities.

We are a community of french-speaking writers who translate articles from the other branches of the SCP Foundation (English, Russian, Japanese etc... who are also on wikidot) and who create original content (tales, fan-arts, SCP articles, etc...). We use strict quality policy for our creations (but instead of just refusing bad creations we try to help our members to improve their writing). Quality is also guaranteed by a quite strict but performant system of reviewing before creating a page.

Speaking of numbers, the staff of the site consists of 1 (inactive) master admin, 3 admins, 4 moderators and 7 "senior staff" (who are a link between staff members and standard members). We have +- 800 members with a solid core of 100 active members. The site is publicly available for reading and we use closed membership. We have from 2 to 4 new memberships per week, with some peaks (for exemple, a famous french youtuber made a video about us and we gained 200 members in one or two weeks).
Speaking of "external community" we manage a facebook page with 1000+ likes and a twitter account where we speak about our last creations.

So far (the site was created in 2012) we managed to stay in the memory limits provided by the free account but since 2017 we are very close to 300 MB (in fact we are at 296.54 MB).