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Application text: Hi WIKIDOT!

I'm happy to found your great offer of free Community wiki service.
The Hungarian Archery Association just started the systematic coach education in the last two years. Now we have about 150 coaches working in this community. This community is too big now to reach them by email and there are a lot of materials to share across the team. It's also a requirement to give some collaboration features where coaches can share information about their work and findings.
We are searching for a tool which supports the above community. We plan to store there documents about archery technique (shooting cycle), mental training methodologies, physical exercises, training scripts, etc. Documents, pictures, videos.
We also need a space for collaboration, sharing ideas, comments. Also to each other personal profiles and connections.
We would like to open this community only for coaches now. These contents are not yet finalized, so we don't want to share it with the public. Maybe later, there could be some public parts.
Unfortunately, we don't have any founding for this right now, but are working on that.

Thank You for Your Help In Advance!

Zoltan Szabo