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Application text: The NHS ePortfolio is the largest electronic eportfolio system used by junior doctors in the UK for assessment of their competence and progression in training. Unfortunately no training is available of how to use this platform.

Our aims with wikidot is to generate a quality and professional guide, driven by doctors for doctors to help improve educational outcomes and reduce stress of ambiguous training deadlines/assessments.

Our idea is for this wiki to be publicly available but with closed membership to be targeted qualified doctors to ensure content is peer driven and trusted.

In addition to the advantages that come of a community wikidot plan; unlimited traffic and members to enable continuous growth, we are also novices to creating a wiki and would be grateful for the direct support of wikidot.

Thank you for considering our application and I hope to hear from you.


Dr N Chauhan
ePortfolio companion app lead
CT1 NHS trainee