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Apologies for the length of this explanation. Our city has about 60,000 people with great diversity and a good, but uncommunicative school system. Parents have many questions but very limited means, i.e. attending school committee meetings to ask questions.

Unfortunately, most do not attend but are very curious and have many questions. Some are concerned about asking them as the system is sometimes not receptive to anything perceived as critical.

Your technology is great and I'm going to try and master it and create a safe and inviting place for questions to be asked that will be sent on to the school committee for answers. I could really use some expert help but I'm not asking for this free. We are a group of concerned parents that want to reach out to others, foster dialog and ask the system to be accountable to its community - so I'm sure I can ask around for donations if you can help.

I just set up the very basics, if that, and thought I'd ask if you might help with your expertise and ideas? Thanks for considering it either way. I should add this is NOT in any way affiliated with the school system.