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Application text: We have made an app for public transport in cities.
Unfortunately, the data - e.g. bus stop names, route, schedules -
is not up to date for many cities. Our app can only be useful if
correct data is available. The process of obtaining data from
official channel is too lengthy, requires too much effort.
Many public transport companies (in India) are fully or
partly owned by Governments. Many of these companies
do not provide such data on their website. Our idea is to create
a wiki and invite members of public (including employees of
public transport companies) to create and update such
data. e.g. when a new route is added, someone can add
it in the wiki. One of our team members will periodically
browse such updates in the wiki, and further update our
database accordingly. Also currently, our app has data
for only 1 city - we hope to bring in many other cities
with help from public - via a wiki. Possibly, one wiki for
each different city?