Dungeon Programmers

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Site address: DungeonProgrammers
Application text: A bunch of Java programmers including myself are working on projects. We want to place our project including screenshots, links to apks and a resource of handy java files all in one location. WikiDot is going to help us to achieve this and its also going to help new programmers who are not quite sure where to start and may also have basic questions.

Primary categories on this site will include
Android Java development - I'll personally be creating a lot of apps for Android and I'd like to talk a little about my creations and links to the apk files on the market
Java GUI development - This is going to include some game and general application development. These projects are meant to be run on any platform since Java is crossplatform
C++/VB and PHP - Developing very basic programs and showing them off.
Webpage and other 'programming' type stuff.