Chronicles of Man

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Application text: Chronicles of Man is an open source science fiction community I started about 7 years ago. The intention of it was to build a science fiction world set thousands of years in the future where people could come together and create their own nations, organizations, companies, and characters with diverse and unique backgrounds against the backdrop of a political environment similar to that of pre World War I and World War II. At its peak, I had hundreds of members on its forum and its website contributing in their own ways.

A years ago, I pursued the development of a custom website to help revitalize the series and make it more self sufficient. The idea was for a more centralized and professional look and something where the users had more control of the content they submitted and how they presented it. I put about 2000 dollars of my own money into the site - looking for no return on the investment, just wanting a community hub - and after about 80% completion, the company changed hands and dropped my development. They gave me the site code, but after approaching multiple developers, no one has been able to get the mostly completed site to work.

The core vision of the site is to make a fun and easy way for people to interact and build stories, timelines, histories, and technologies of a vast future world. It would also be nice for people to publish their stories, link their content by the nation/company/organization it belongs to. Another big piece of it is the artwork. I have numerous artists who have created fun concept art for the starships that roam the universe and a fun community that stays in contact still despite the collapse of our website (the original site I had has been corrupted during the attempts at installing the updated site on my servers and is no longer accessible).

Mostly, I want a home for my community. A place for people to create content, share ideas, and build the universe that is Chronicles of Man; and I'd like for it to be easy for them to use, a tool for their imagination rather than a hindrance.

Thank you very much for your consideration.