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Application text: Hello, my name is Katie Forgy, and I'm the admin of the UTAU wiki on Wikidot. I am approaching Wikidot as a representative of this wiki to request that our site ( be upgraded to Community status.

UTAU is a Japanese freeware voice-synthesizer used to produce singing vocals for music. It's very similar to Vocaloid, but much more open in terms of voice library production. Literally anyone with a mic and computer can record wav files and use the UTAU software to re-edit them into singing vocals. Essentially, one can produce a virtual singer that can be freely downloaded and then used within the UTAU software.

UTAU was released in 2008, and a worldwide community has grown up around it since then, consisting of everyone from casual users--those who use UTAU to cover popular songs--to songwriters and artists who produce original work. The software has been fan-translated into multiple languages. Some users have even produced whole albums using vocals generated with UTAU. While the majority of voicebanks are still in Japanese, others have now been created in several other languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Esperanto, Finnish, Dutch, Korean and Mandarin Chinese to name a few.

(As an example, here's a crossfade for an album that was collaboratively produced by around 20 people all using UTAU. It contains multiple languages, as well as both original and remix/cover songs:

We used to be hosted on Wikia, but we moved operations to Wikidot around 2 years ago, and have enjoyed its customization, clean layout, and helpful community support forums. Unfortunately, due to the sheer size of the community and amount of traffic our UTAU Wiki has generated, we have reached our 300MB limit on upload space. UTAU is a very image-heavy fandom, as most of these "virtual singers" have character avatars to represent the voices. We allowed uploads of icons on profile pages and not much else, so we're very surprised we hit the limit so quickly and are now struggling to decide what to do next.

We believe having a community site would not only expand our storage space for images, but help us create a wiki that is an organized, central hub of information on voicebank downloads, software tutorials and music. We think UTAU deserves to be recognized as a fascinating and useful software instrument, as well as a powerful creative outlet for both music and artwork.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we sincerely hope to hear from you soon.