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Application text: Hi! I just purchased the domain (I can show proof) and think it would make a great wikidot community site. We are several folks interested in the idea of having a community-led native seed wiki that takes all the great data available online on native plant seed collection, increase, storage, distribution and awareness to make them available to everyone. I just need help with setting it up. I particularly think it is a great community site idea, because there is no ecological restoration without plant material, and seeds are a great start and the foundation of it all! The idea came up during Native Plant Trust's seed symposium, and several folks were keen on the idea of making a wiki.
This would be great not only for the native plant seed community in North America, but could branch out to the world, and who knows, maybe even help people commence large-scale restoration projects to help pollinators, stormwater runoff, birds, and all the good things associated with native plants!
About myself, I am Samuel LeGresley, a native plant enthusiast and a Wikipedia contributor. I work for local environmental associations and really believe this would make a difference!