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Site address: smokygovernment.wikidot.com

Status: under construction

Application text:
I think it should become a community website because It has original content and is a fictional government based on the idea of a population with a large amount of said freedom. 16 year olds and over will be allowed creating a community full of teens and adults. My hope is this website becomes a friendly environment for teens and adults alike. There will be laws, accounts, documents, questions, updates, and so much more. Please do approve this, it would mean a lot for me and teens and adults out there. As I said this community is new and has not grown yet, it's just me so bear that in mind. Have a wonderful and amazing day! This was wiki was also inspired partly by the scp foundation wiki, however all content will be and is original. So yeah the wiki is a work in progress. You will see it has been untouched but that is because I have little storage, that is why I should have the free community plan! -Micah Ian Patrick, founder of Smokey Government wiki.