Covenant of Mysteries

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My original idea is inspired by the scp wikidot. I see this project as a collaborative writing server to share with modern fantasy writers.

The COM is based on the idea that magic is real, but a closely guarded secret. The COM is the organization that keeps this secret.

The site is laid out like a field guide for Oathkeeper agents to use as a reference guide to complete their cases and a place to submit their case files to HQ.

I've included templates for people to create bounties and cases for their own imaginary oathbreakers. There is a reliquary for people to add magical artifacts from myths legends and their own imaginations and report on how they were obtained.

There are also cold cases, oathbreaker ideologies, cults of oathbreakers, famous oathkeepers, and named oathkeeper teams who can be used by the community to complete missions.

There are case files where oathkeepers can report on their missions to capture oathbreakers or obtain lost relics.

I'm particularly interested in being allowed to upload an SSL certificate to be able to secure my custom domain

I don't particularly need support or promotion yet, but if anyone is excited and would like to join in or help I would love to collaborate!